Baby Cadence - Newborn In-home Lifestyle

I love love love doing newborn sessions in my client’s home. The family is so much more relaxed, and I get to capture those special beginning days as a new family. Baby Cadence was born May 7th, 2019. * Fun fact that is also my husband’s birthday. A good day to be born!

Capturing the itty bitty baby bits is definitely apart of the job. I mean how can you not photograph those sweet toes! However, I also want to emphasize the sweet new bonds between family members. I believe it is such a crucial part of the story to capture the new relationships being formed. When a baby comes the entire family dynamic shifts whether this is your first or seventh child. For this beautiful mama, she is learning to juggle two kids for the first time, and I might add she is doing amazing! You could really feel the love and peace in their home during this new season in their lives. I hope these photos serve as a wonderful reminder of this time.

Downtown Denver - Engagement Session

Part 2 to Daniel and Gabby’s urban engagement session. After our trip to the coffee shop - see part 1 here

Its been a few years since I’ve had a session downtown since moving to Colorado Springs. So while we were walking around downtown I told Daniel and Gabby how refreshing it was to have a session in a city setting. Don’t get me wrong, I love Colorado Springs and the beautiful, scenic places I get to shoot, but it was a nice change of scenery. These two made my job so effortless. Not only are they a beautiful couple inside and out, their genuine love for one another was so fun to capture. I hope its evident in the pictures below just how much fun they have together.

Coffee Shop Love - Engagement Session

I personally love all things coffee. Coffee itself, coffee shops, the vibe at said coffee shops. So naturally when I got to do part of this engagement session at a coffee shop, I was all about it! Black Eye Coffee in LOHI is an awesome, urban coffee shop. I love the brick wall and the rolling garage door windows, not to mention the coffee is delicious. We were there right before it closed so we had the place to ourselves and were able to move around freely to really capture the perfect cozy coffee shop vibe for these two love birds. Daniel and Gabby chatted over their coffee and I simply recorded the moments.

Why Hire an Adoption Photographer?


Phew, you are nearing the finishing line. You have gone through quite the process.  Everything from filling out endless paperwork to all the emotions of hurry up and wait, but now your day is almost here.  The day you get to bring home your child, the one you have been longing for and already has hold of your heart.  The day is almost here to sign on the dotted line and finalize your adoption.  The last thing you need to worry about is photographing the day.  You deserve to be fully present and enjoy every moment.  Allow an expert who understands adoption come and document the joyous smiles on your faces while you become a new family. 

Adoption Photography is still very much an up-and-coming genre of photography.

Many people don't know professional Adoption Photography exists, and if they've heard of it, they might not truly understand why it is so extremely valuable to hire someone who understands adoption to photograph this special time in life.

 Adoption Photography is about documenting the union of a new family.  Adoption Photography is about telling a story.  Adoption Photography is about documenting for your child they were wanted and they belong.  

Adoption Photography is about telling the story that love is greater than DNA.


I am a professional adoption and family photographer, but I am also an adoptee who treasures my own photographs of my adoption story.  I get how important these photos are to not only your lives as parents, but also how valuable they are to giving context and identity to your child’s life.

I understand the adoption process from beginning to end.  I understand how unique adoption is, and I get the roller coaster of emotions that leads up to adoption day.  By hiring me, you're not only getting an expert with a fancy camera and great pictures, you are getting someone with a unique perspective that knows how to capture the excitement and details of one of the most important days of your lives.

Don’t fumble with your phone or commission Aunt Suzy to take a few snaps - Contact me today to request more information about how I can capture the beginning of your new lives together.  Email me at or click the button below